HELD ON 25-04-2014, Lahore

1. The Fourth meeting of executive committee of Pakistan Psychiatric Society (Tenure 2013-14) was held on 25th April 2014 at Hotel Pearl Continental Lahore at the occasion of 10th Neropsychon.
2. Dr Mazhar Malik , President PPS chaired the meeting and Dr Ghulam Rasool, General Secretary PPS was the co-ordinator.
3. Following members attended the meeting :
Dr Mazhar Malik (President)
Dr Ghulam Rasool (General Secretary)
Dr Syed Muhammad Sultan (President Elect)
Dr Sohail Ahmed (Vice President)
Dr Naeemullah Leghari (Vice President)
Dr Anwar-ul-Haq (Secretary Federal Chapter)
Dr Riaz Bhatti (Member Executive Committee)
Dr Majid Ali Abidi (Member Executive Committee)
Dr Iftikhar Minhas (Member Executive Committee)
Dr Mian Iftikhar Hussain (Member Executive Committee)
Dr Salahuddin Babur (Member Executive Committee)
Dr Sadaf Rashid (Member Executive Committee)
Dr Rizwan Taj (Immediate Past President)
Dr Bashir Ahmed (Tresurer), Dr Imtiaz Dogar, (Secretary Punjab Chapter) Dr Wajid Akhunzada (Secretary KPK Chapter), Dr Badaruddin Junejo (Secretary Sindh Chapter), Dr Mannan Agha (Secretary Baluchistan Chapter), Dr Aziz ur-Rehman Yousafzai (Ex General secretary) and Dr Khawaja Hamid Rashid (Secretary AJK) did not attend the meeting.

Except Dr Badaruddin Junejo and Dr Mannan Agha, all other absentees sent their regrets for not attending the meeting.

4. Meeting started with recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Dr Anwar-ul-Haq
5. President thanked Prof.Riaz Bhatti (Organizer of Neuropsychon) for hosting this meeting.
6. Minutes of last meeting were read by Dr Ghulam Rasool. The committee members approved the minutes.
7. Dr Mian Iftikhar Hussein presented the draft of new proposed constitution of PPS. He thanked the members of constitution committee and all those who helped in preparing this draft. The proposed changes were related to different areas including aims & objectives, Selection of Patron of PPS, Membership of PPS and creation of a new post of Press & Information Secretary and quorum of General Body for important decisions. All the members of Executive committee thanked Dr Mian Iftikhar Hussein and all those who worked hard for preparation of this proposed draft.
The committee members, after discussions & few amendments, approved the new proposed draft of constitution
8. Committee members suggested the name of Dr Iqbal Afridi as election commissioner for forth coming election of PPS but it was informed by Dr Rizwan Taj that Dr Afridi has sent regrets to accept this responsibility this year. Consequently the name of Dr Khalid Mehmood (From Multan) was proposed as Election Commissioner for this year’s election and it was decided to talk to him about this responsibility.
9. It was decided that a reminder would be sent to Dr Imtiaz Dogar to send the donation of Rs 200000 (Two Lacs) to PPS from the amount generated at PPS National Conference held at Faisalabad early this year. He will also be reminded to provide funding for two issues of JPPS as decided in previous executive committee meeting.
10. Prof Riaz Bhatti announced that he would soon send cheque of Rs 100000 (One Lac) to PPS as per donation policy decided for collaborating events. He also thanked all the members for attending this meeting. Committee members thanked Prof Riaz Bhatti and appreciated his efforts for organizing this event and for his announcement of donation for PPS fund.
11. Prof Mohammed Sultan (President Elect) who is also president of SAARC Psychiatric Forum, informed the committee members that SAARC Psychiatric Conference would be held in Nepal this year in November. He informed that all PPS members are invited to attend this conference. He also informed that he is in contact with SAARC Secretariat and will inform the committee members about future activities of SAARC Forum. He also suggested that next SAARC Psychiatric conference should be held in Pakistan.
12. The committee members applauded Dr Sohail Ahmed & Dr Majid Abidi for their efforts to activate the website of PPS. Dr Sohail Ahmed thanked the committee members for their appreciation and requested the members to send more & more data for uploading in different links of website. He also reminded the committee members that amount spent on development of website (Rs 75000) is to be reimbursed to Dr Sohail Ahmed & Dr Majid Abidi as early as possible. Maintenance charges of this website are not included in this amount and negotiations are being carried out with web developer for a better bargain package.
13. Dr Ghulam Rasool, General Secretary, informed the committee members that new issue of JPPS is now almost completed and would be shortly sent for printing with availability of funds. It was also agreed that sponsorship for JPPS by Pharmaceutical companies would be accepted but the amount would be deposited in PPS account and would be given to publisher from PPS account.
14. Dr Mazhar Malik, President, informed the members that a request has been received by e mail from APA (American Psychiatric Association) that office bearers of APA are willing to meet representatives of PPS to discuss matters of mutual interest on the occasion of coming APA meeting (in May 2014) in USA. Members of executive committee appreciated this gesture and authorized Dr Mazhar Malik, President PPS, to represent Pakistan along with other PPS office bearers who will be available at this occasion. Committee Members were of the view that they would be informed accordingly about proceedings of this meeting.
15. It was informed to all members that WPA representative elections would be held in September this Year. The committee members expressed their best wishes for Prof Khalid Mufti who is contesting in this election.
16. Dr Ghulam Rasool presented five new applications for membership to committee members. All the applications were from Baluchistan. The names were Dr Zainullah Kakar, Dr Shoaib Ahmed Kashani, Dr Ihsan u Allah, Dr Hafiz M Sultan and Dr Ramesh Chand. The committee approved the membership of these new applicants.
17. Dr Ghulam Rasool informed that no response is yet received from IACAPAP of application sent by PPS for membership. It was decided to request Dr Murad Musa of AKU to facilitate this process.

18. It was reminded to all members that next International Conference of PPS would be held in Karachi in December 2014 and Prof Raza-ur-Rehman of DUHS is the chairman organizing committee.
19. It was also reminded that National Symposium on Depression (A collaborating event of PPS) would be held in August this year and Prof.Mazhar Malik is the chairman organizing committee. He requested all to attend this event.
20. Prof Mazhar Malik thanked all the committee members for their presence and contribution in this meeting and the meeting ended in a pleasant atmosphere.

Dated: 9.7.14

Prof:Dr.Ghulam Rasool
General Secretary
Pakistan Psychiatric Society