• First meeting of Executive Committee of Pakistan Psychiatric Society (Tenure 2015-16) was held on 27-02-2015 in Hotel Faletti’s Lahore on the occasion of World Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (WAPR) conference, Lahore.

• Meeting was chaired by Dr Syed Mohammed Sultan, President PPS and was co-ordinated by Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar General Secretary PPS.

• Following members attended the meeting :
Dr Syed Mohammed Sultan, Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Dr Nasar Sayed, Dr Moin Ansari, Dr Naeemullh Laghari, Dr Khalid Mehmood, Dr Ghulam Rasool, Dr Iftikhar Minhas, Dr Sohail Ahmed, Dr Darya Khan Laghari, Dr Mohammed Irfan and Dr Ayesha Rashid,

Dr Basher Ahmed and Dr Hamid Rashid Khawaja sent the regrets for not coming.
Other absentees were Dr Mazhar Malik, Dr RizwanTaj, Dr Inam Shabbir, Dr Manohar lal Kalra, Dr Niaz Maqsood and Dr Ajmal Kazmi

• Meeting started with recitation of verses from Holy Quran.

• Fateha khawani for the departed soul of Dr Aanita Aijaz (Psychiatrist of Karachi) and for father of Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar was performed. The participants expressed their grief and sorrow over the demise of these persons

• Meetings of last executive committee meeting were read by General Secretary and approved by Committee members.

• An update of proposed constitutional amendment was given by Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar. He mentioned that, as decided in Special General Body meeting, held in Karachi in December 2014, an email has been sent to all PPS members containing drafts of old & new (proposed ) constitution and the responses/suggestions of the members are awaited.

• The General Secretary requested all provincial chapter chiefs to check for any missing/wrong email addresses of PPS members mentioned in Members Directory and to send the correct email addresses to General Secretary.

• The General Secretary informed the members that an application for accreditation of CME programs conducted by PPS has been sent to PMDC. Rs 50000/- is already paid to PMDC as required fee for accreditation process. After approval by PMDC, PPS will be able to conduct CME programs. Before conducting the CMEs, PPS cabinet members would be required to sedt detailed information of CM programs to General Secretary PPS. Dr Nasar Sayed Khan, Dr Mohammed Irfan, Dr Naeem Laghari and Dr Ghulam Rasool also explained the process of accreditation of CMEs by PMDC.

• Prof Syed Mohammed Sultan, President PPS suggested that guidelines for management of different psychiatric disorders should be prepared by PPS. An opinion in this regard would also be taken from Prof Fareed Minhas. After discussion it was agreed that different members of PPS cabinet would be given the task to develop these guidelines, after taking suggestions from other colleagues. Dr Sultan was given the task of developing guidelines for management of Schizophrenia. Dr Nasar Sayed would be preparing guidelines for Substance abuse disorders and for Depression. Dr Sohail Ahmed would work to develop the guidelines for Anxiety Disorder. The General secretary PPS will co-ordinate this process and guidelines would be finalized in PPS National conference in Multan later this year.

• It was also discussed and agreed that a research directory of PPS members would be compiled and published. Dr Moin Ansari was given this task and it was agreed that Dr Mohammed Irfan, Dr Ayesha Rashid and Dr Ghulam Rasool will help Dr Moin Ansari in this regard. The directory would include published articles, thesis/dissertation and papers read/published in conferences. A workshop is also planned for Multan Conference on proposed topics for research.

• It was agreed that efforts would be made by PPS to improve the liaison with overseas psychiatric organizations of Pakistanis like BPPA (British Pakistani Psychiatric Association) and APPNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America). In this context an MOU may be signed between PPS and these bodies for better co-ordination in the areas of research, joint meetings, placement of young Pakistani psychiatrists going abroad and facilitation of video linked lectures & visits of overseas Pakistani psychiatrists to Pakistan.

• Dr Nasar Sayed Khan accepted the task of developing a closed group of PPS executive Committee members on facebook for better communication & discussion between cabinet members on different issues.

• Dr Syed Mohammed Sultan informed the cabinet members that next SAARC psychiatric conference is scheduled in February 2016 in Islamabad. Dates will be finalized soon.

• It was discussed & agreed that information leaflets in Urdu language would be developed for benefit of patients and common man. Dr Mohammed Irfan was given the task to co-ordinate this matter. He will look for possibility of publishing the urdu literature available on Royal college of Psychiatrist’s website. Other PPS cabinet members can also send the material to Dr Mohammed Irfan.

• Dr Sohail Ahmed suggested that a document should be prepared—requesting PMDC to include Psychiatry & Behavioral sciences as a separate subject for undergraduates. The document would include background, justification, teaching methodology, placement in syllabus and assessment strategies of Psychiatry & Behavioral sciences. Dr Sohail Ahmed was identified as a focal person for this task and Dr Ghulam Rasool, Dr Moin Ansari and Dr Mohammed Irfan were also requested to work in this regard. It was also agreed to contact and take opinion from senior faculty members like Prof. Fareed Minhas amd Prof. Mowaddat Rana to take guidance and to know about the work already done in this regard

• Dr Moin Ansari suggested that a link for WHO MhGAP program should be made available for members on PPS website. Dr Sohail Ahmed assured him to look into this matter.

• It was noted by members with concern that faculty position in Psychiatry departments of Medical Colleges (esp. Private Medical colleges) are not properly filled and there is lack of proper teaching staff in Psychiatry in many medical colleges. Dr Sultan assured that he will address this issue with authorities from the platform of PPS and PPS would write to PMDC to take action against such medical colleges.

• It was also noted with concern that University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is giving admissions to non-psychiatrists in M Phil program of Behavioral Sciences. Dr Nasar Sayed informed the members that he & Dr Sultan would talk to UHS in this regard.

• Regarding development of provincial Mental health Acts, it was informed to members that major work has been done in Sindh while in Punjab the old draft of Mental Health Ordinance 2001 has been approved and passed by Punjab assembly as the new act. This needs necessary amendments and Dr Nasar Sayed and Dr Ayesha Rashid will work in this regard. In KPK province work is in progress in this matter.

• It was informed to members that a Psycho-trauma authority is already developed in Punjab and at national level and PPS was not contacted in this regard. Ms Marvi Memon of PML (N) is the focal person. Dr Ghulam Rasool and Dr Rizwan Taj are also member of this authority. It was agreed that both of these members of PPS cabinet would present concern of PPS in the meetings of authority and would request them to take PPS into confidence in this regard.

• Dr Ghulam Rasool (Ex General Secretary PPS ) mentioned that he has sent the updated hard copy of directory of PPS members on their addresses– at the end of his tenure. All cabinet members appreciated his efforts & services.

• It was informed to members that a letter has been sent by Prof Fareed Minhas to PPS seeking joint consensus on Opioid substance therapy at a meeting to be held on 6th March at Institute of Psychiatry Rawalpindi. It was agreed to request him to extend this date because of commitments of other psychiatrists in conferences.

• A donation cheque of Rupees Five Hundred Thousands (500000/-) was presented by Dr Moin Ansari , sent by Prof Raza-ur-Rahman, chairman organizing committee of International Psychiatric Conference held in Karachi in December 2014. This was donation amount contributed by Prof Raza-ur-Rahman as per policy of PPS regarding contribution from psychiatric conferences held in the country. All cabinet members applauded and appreciated Prof Raza-ur-Rahman for this donation.

• Two new applications for membership of PPS were presented by General Secretary and were approved by cabinet members. The names are Dr Maryam Afzal of Punjab (allotted PPS number P-173) and Dr Mustafa Hussein of Sindh (allotted PPS number S-120)

• It was informed to members by General secretary that JPPS supplement of International Psychiatric Conference of Karachi would be published with next issue of JPPS

• It was informed by Prof Sultan that next executive committee meeting is likely to be held in Peshawar in meeting in June 2015

• Dr Naemullah Laghari, chairman organizing committee of next National Psychiatric Conference informed the cabinet members that National Psychiatric Conference would be held in Multan from 20th to 22nd November 2015. All cabinet members were requested to participate actively in this conference.

• The President & General secretary thanked all the Cabinet members for their participation in this meeting and the meeting ended in a pleasant atmosphere.

I special thankful to Dr Sohail for preparing the minutes of meeting.

Prof. Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar
General Secretary PPS.