The Fifth meeting of executive committee of Pakistan Psychiatric Society (Tenure 2013-14) was held on 20th September 2014 at Hotel Pearl Continental Rawalpindi on the occasion of 6th National Symposium on Depression.

1. Dr. Mazhar Malik , President PPS chaired the meeting and Dr. Ghulam Rasool,General Secretary PPS as the co-ordinator.

2. Following members attended the meeting.
Dr. Mazhar Malik (President)
Dr. Ghulam Rasool (General Secretary)
Dr. Syed Muhammad Sultan (President Elect)
Dr.Sohail Ahmed (Vice President)
Dr. Bashir Ahmed (Treasurer)
Dr. Khawaja Hamid Rashid (Secretary AJK)
Dr. Anwar-ul-Haq (Secretary Federal Chapter)
Dr. Iftikhar Minhas (Member Executive Committee)
Dr. Imtiaz Dogar (Secretary Punjab Chapter)
Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman (Ex Gen. secretary)

Those who did not attend the meeting were:

Dr. Naeemullah Leghari (Vice President)
Dr. Wajid Akhunzada (Secretary KPK Chapter)
Dr. Badaruddin Junejo (Secretary Sindh Chapter)
Dr. Mannan Agha (Secretary Baluchistan Chapter)
Dr. Riaz Bhatti (Member Exec. Committee)
Dr. Majid Abidi (Member Exec. Committee)
Dr. Sadaf Rashid (Member Exec. Committee)
Dr. Mian Iftikhar Hussein (Member Exec. Committee)
Dr. Salahuddin Babar (Member Exec. Committee) &
Dr. Rizwan Taj (Ex President) did not attend the meeting.
Except Dr. Badaruddin Junejo and Dr. Mannan Agha, all other absentees sent their regrets for not attending the meeting.

3. Meeting started with recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Dr. Sohail Ahmed

4. Minutes of last meeting were read by Dr. Ghulam Rasool. The committee members approved the minutes.

5. Dr. Raza-ur-Rehman, Chairman Organizing committee of PPS International conference at Karachi, was asked to attend meeting for brief period (as observer) to discuss issues related to opening of account for International Conference at Karachi. He mentioned difficulties in opening of account for his conference. To solve this issue, different measures were suggested including getting funds from pharmaceutical companies in the existing PPS account which later on would be transferred to Prof. Raza for covering the expenses of conference. Another proposal given to Dr. Raza, was to open the account for conference in the name of department of Dr. Raza-ur –Rehman and get the funds deposited in that account. Another suggestion given, was to get the letterhead of PPS re-printed, bearing only the names of President, Gen Secretary and Treasurer. This is likely to facilitate Dr. Raza-ur-Rehman for opening of account for conference. Dr. Raza was given the option of adopting any one of the above suggestions for opening of account.

6. Dr. Raza mentioned that few pharmaceutical companies ask for tax exemption certificate before giving donations for academic activities. Dr. Ghulam Rasool suggested that efforts should be made to get the tax exemption certificate for PPS, other members agreed with this proposal.

7. It was also mentioned that PPS registration certificate is sometimes needed in dealing with banks and other bodies involved in arrangement of conferences. It was agreed by committee members that a request would be made to Professor Haroon Ahmed to handover the original PPS registration certificate to PPS General Secretary so that it can be produced whenever required.

8. Dr. Mazhar Malik President PPS gave detailed report on attending the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry, Madrid Spain. He informed the Ex. committee about election of WPA office bearers and election of Prof Khalid Mufti as a zonal representative of WPA. The executive committee appreciated his efforts and congratulated to the winner body of the WPA. It was agreed that a letter of congratulation would be sent to Prof Dr Khalid Mufti by PPS.

9. Committee members approved the names of members of election commission for the forthcoming PPS election which are Dr. Asad Tamizuddin (Federal), Dr. Nadeem Abbas (Punjab), Dr. Majid ali Abidi (Sindh), Dr. M Idrees (Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa), Dr. Sharif-uz-Zaman (AJK) and Dr. Taj Baloch (Baluchistan). All these members of election commission would help the chief election commissioner Prof. Fareed Minhas in conducting the coming elections of PPS for which process has already begun.

10. It was further informed to members by Gen. Sec. and treasurer that Rs 200000 (Two Hundred Thousands) have been issued to Chief Election Commissioner to cover the expenses for election.

12. The voters list for coming elections was approved by Executive Committee members. This list is also uploaded on PPS Website ( ). Dr. Mujahid Arshad Mujahid P-163 is pointed as defaulters who failed to submit his membership fees (cheque return) after repeated information. His name in voter list is placed as un-eligible voter. Dr. Imtiaz Dogar offered to discuss the issue with him to manage his fee problem.

13. It was approved by committee members that WPA registration fee which was paid by Dr. Ghulam Rasool and Dr. Mazhar Malik (2012 & 2013) should now be reimbursed to them. It was also decided that JPPS website activation charges and JPPS postal expenses and correspondence to PPS members should be reimbursed to Dr. Sohail ahmed & Dr. Ghulam Rasool respectively.

14. The issue related to publishing of JPPS and its distribution was discussed in detail by Exec. Committee members. The committee members expressed concern over the contents of emails, circulated by members of editorial team to PPS exec. Committee members. For smooth working of editorial team it was decided to accept resignation of Dr. Haider Naqvi as Associate Editor of JPPS. Prof. Mowadat Rana (Chief Editor JPPS) was authorized to select one of the two names suggested by Exec. Committee members as new Associate editor ( in place of Dr. Haider Naqvi). The suggested names are Dr. Mohammed Irfan (KPK) and Dr. Altaf Qadir (Punjab). It was also agreed that dues of Dr. Haider Naqvi (if any) should be cleared. It was also agreed that Chief editor (in consultation with Associate editors) will make the policy for publishing and distribution of JPPS in future.

15. It was also decided that a General body meeting of PPS members would be held on first day of International conference at Karachi to discuss the constitutional amendments. Regarding quorum of GB meeting Dr Mazhar Malik pointed to follow constitution, while a legal opinion would be sought from a lawyer to get the clear interpretation of rules, mentioned in constitution.

16. Bashir Ahmed, treasurer informed that Rs 183000/- are now present in PPS account.

17. It was informed by Gen Sec and President PPS that application by PPS for membership of ICAPAP is now approved. The members hoped that it will benefit the Pakistani psychiatrists to get expertise in the area of child & adolescent psychiatry.

18. It was informed to committee members by Dr Syed Mohammed Sultan that SAARC psychiatric conference would be held in Nepal in November 2014. He requested all members to attend this meeting. He also informed that next SAARC Psychiatric conference will be scheduled in Pakistan, the venue and dates would be decided in executive committee meeting in Karachi conference in Dec 2014.

19. Dr. Mazhar Malik has volunteered Rs 100,000. to PPS as contribution for collaboration in National Symposium on Depression 2014.

20. The PPS membership applications of Dr. Erum Siddiq, Dr. Ayesha Mian, Dr. Tayyab Arfeen, Dr. Naim Siddiqui, Dr. Saira Shabbir, Dr. Zoobia Ramzan, Dr. Aneel Kumar, Dr Moti Ram Bhatia and Dr. Vashdev were approved by Executive committee members.

21. Dr. Murad Moosa Khan membership and inclusion of printing his name at PPS membership list and voter list is approved.

22. The committee members thanked Dr. Mazhar Malik for arranging this meeting. Dr. S Muhammad Sultan has appreciated the collaborative and highly cooperative attitude of President PPS, Dr. Mazhar Malik, in carrying out the affairs of PPS over the last 2 years. Dr. Mazhar Malik thanked all members for their presence and especially praised the efforts of Dr. Ghulam Rasool for conducting these meetings and other affairs of PPS very efficiently. All members of Executive committee agreed and applauded Dr. Ghulam Rasool. The meeting ended in the pleasant atmosphere.

Dated: 03-10-2014
Prof:Dr.Ghulam Rasool
General Secretary
Pakistan Psychiatric Society