• Sixth meeting of Executive Committee of Pakistan Psychiatric Society was held on 26-12-2014 in Hotel Moven Pick Karachi on the occasion of 20th International Psychiatric Conference of Pakistan Psychiatric Society.
  • Meeting was chaired by Dr Mazhar Malik, President PPS and was co-ordinated by Dr Ghulam Rasool General Secretary PPS.
  • Following members attended the meeting :

Dr Mazhar Malik, Dr GhulamRasool, Dr Syed Mohammed Sultan, Dr Sohail Ahmed, Dr Bashir Ahmed, Dr ImtiazDogar, Dr Khawaja Hamid Rashid, Dr AnwarulHaq, Dr RizwanTaj, Dr Aziz-ur-RehmanYousafzai, Dr Majid Abidi, Dr Riaz Bhatti, Dr Mian Iftikhar Hussein and Dr Iftikhar Minhas

  • Dr Badruddin junejo, Dr S A Mannan ,Dr Wajid Akhunzada, Dr Salahuddin Babar, Dr Naeemullah Leghari and Dr Sadaf Rashid did not attend the meeting. There was no prior information or regrets from the absentees except Dr Salahuddin Babar.
  • Meeting started with recitation from Holy Quran by Dr Aziz-ur-RehmanYousafzai
  • Meetings of last executive committee meeting were read by General Secretary and approved by Committee members
  • The General Secretary opened the sealed envelope of results of election of PPS provided by chief election commissioner. The results of election were conveyed to committee members which are as follows :


DrNasarSayeed Khan
Elected Unopposed
Elected Unopposed
Dr Bashir Ahmed
Elected Unopposed
Dr Khalid Mahmood
DrMoin Ahmed Ansari
Dr Abdullah Abbasi
136 Votes (Declared Successful)
124 Votes (Declared Successful)
52 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
Elected Unopposed
Dr Darya Khan Laghari
134 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrRehmat Ali Wagan 33 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
Dr Muhammad Irfan
114 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrQazi Rashid Hameed 57 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
106 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrHazrat Ali 61 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
Dr Hamid RasheedKhawaja
Elected Unopposed
Elected Unopposed
Dr Ayesha Rashid
Hamid RasheedKhawaja 149 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrManoharLalKalra 115 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrSohail Ahmed 112 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrNiazMaqsood 109 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrIftikhar Ahmed Minhas 93 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrAjmalKazmi 89 Votes (Declared Successful)
DrIjazWarraich 49 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
DrShujaat Ali khan 73 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
Dr Ali MadeehHashmi 72 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
Dr Syed Ashfaq Ali 60 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
Dr Anwar ulHaq 50 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)
DrAnees Ahmed 38 Votes (Declared Unsuccessful)


  • The committee members applauded the efforts of Chief Election Commissioner—Prof Fareed Minhas and his team for conducting free, fair and transparent election of Pakistan Psychiatric Society. The committee decided to send a letter of appreciation & thanks to Chief Election commissioner for commendable work of election commission. The General Secretary informed that an amount of Rs 200000 from PPS fund was provided to chief election commissioner for election expenses which was nicely consumed in election process including traveling & boarding of members of election commission.
  • The Executive committee members congratulated the new cabinet members with the hope that the members of new cabinet will put their maximum efforts to promote psychiatry in the country.
  • It is also expected that new cabinet will also work for improvement in the election process of PPS in regards to take all required rule and regulations on one page regard validity of contester, proposer and secondly.
  • The issue of constitutional amendment was discussed in detail but consensus was not reached about its approval by two third members of General body as attendance at general body meeting usually does not reach upto two third members. The committee decided that this matter would be discussed & decided in a special General Body meeting to be held next day at same venue.
  • The executive committee members expected that newly elected cabinet will make clear rules & regulations for finances of PPS conferences as well as activities organized in collaboration with PPS especially in context with contribution of fund to PPS. It was reminded that activities organized by psychiatrists / institutions (especially by cabinet members of PPS) should be conducted in collaboration with PPS thus increasing the credibility of society.
  • General secretary report for the years 2013- 2014 was read by treasurer in absence of General Secretary at the opening ceremony of 20th International conference was approved and appreciated by Executive committee.
  • The treasurer, Dr Bashir Ahmed presented the financial report of PPS. He mentioned that society is now better placed financially. At present the available funds in the PPS account are Rs 584437 and PPS is expected to get contribution of Rs 500000 (as per policy of PPS) from Dr Raza-ur-Rehman, chairman organizing committee of recently held International Psychiatric conference. Dr Bashir Ahmed also informed that central account of PPS is now opened in Peshawar by the name of PPS. • Difficulties of new accounts at different cities was discussed and decided that the central account at Peshawar will be only account for financial affairs. The committee members approved Rs 10000/- (maintenance/uploading charges of PPS website). The treasurer will paid the said amount to Dr Sohail Ahmed. The expenditure of the office of General Secretary for last two years Approximately Rs. 50,000/- are presented by General Secretary Prof Dr Ghulam Rasool. He delightedly donated it to the society. This offer of General Secretary was applauded by Executive Committee.
  • The committee members approved the membership of ten new members. Dr Ghulam Rasool informed that a record number of 45 new members were added to the PPS directory in last two years, which shows increasing confidence of psychiatrists throughout the country towards PPS. The membership drive would be continued in the present tenure as well. The committee approved the new updated booklet of all members designed and manufactured by General secretary, which will be circulate along a copy of Constitution by General secretary to all members on their available postal addresses. Dr Ghulam Rasool suggested that in order to avoid confusion, sequence of PPS membership numbers should not be changed whenever the members directory is revised/modified. All the members agreed with this suggestion.
  • It was decided by committee members that voting rights should be given to overseas members of PPS and for this purpose a procedure should be formulated along to get their contacts and mailing addresses.
  • Application for next PPS 21st International Psychiatric Conference by Prof Dr Ghulam Rasool was approved and it is decided the next venue will be Quetta.
  • It was also agreed that permanent office for JPPS should be identified for smooth functioning. Current issue may be circulate at postal addresses of all members by General Secretary. Dr Imtiaz Dogar told to EC members that it was decided to design different title pages by editorial board to be presented in next EC meeting ! He also mentioned that Editorial board to prepare add rates! All cabinet will help in collecting funds for PPS through JPPS adds ! Dr Imtiaz dogar conveyed that chief editor wants to publish three issues per year.
  • It was also decided that a separate register should be maintained for keeping record of endowment/social welfare fund for needy persons. The members of PPS would be requested to contribute to social welfare fund as much as possible. Prof S M Sultan suggested different activities related to PPS shall be encouraged for collection of funds.
  • It was pointed out that some members are finding it difficult to access the website of PPS. Dr Sohail Ahmed was asked to look into this matter.
  • Dr Syed Muhammed Sultan, president PPS and president SAARC Psychiatric Federation, informed the committee members that SAARC psychiatric conference was successfully held in Nepal in November 2014 and many Pakistani psychiatrists actively participated in the conference. He further informed that efforts would be made to register the SAARC psychiatric Federation in Pakistan. He also informed that next SAARC Psychiatric conference is scheduled in Pakistan in early 2016 and probable venue is Islamabad. He also mentioned that he will be the president of SAARC Psychiatric Federation till December 2016.
  • Activities for Calendar 2015: Dr Nasar Sayed is organising his activity at last week of Feb. Prof Riaz Bhatti gave 4-5 April dates for 11th psycon at Lahore. Prof Mazhar Malik told about symposium of depression. Dates later. Prof sultan told about PPS guidelines related meeting in mid August. Prof sultan told that he has asked Dr Nazish Imran to develop different child psychiatry related PPS guidelines. This issue to be tackled almost till next national PPS conference.! Dr Laghari is in processe of organising National conference at Multan whereas final date will be decided later on.
  • It was decided to write a letter to federal secretary health to involve PPS officials in mental health related activities.
  • Prof Malik achakzai will be asked to elaborate role of advisory council of ex-presidents and seniors.
  • PPS executive committee members expressed their anger & concern towards the targeted attempt on the life of Dr Baqar Raza an eminent psychiatrist of Karachi. The members demanded immediate arrest & punishment for the culprits responsible for this act. The committee members also prayed for early, safe & complete recovery of Dr Baqar Raza.
  • The committee members congratulated Dr Raza-ur-Rehman and his team members for successfully organizing the 20th International Psychiatric conference which was attended widely by Psychiatrists from different parts of country and from abroad.
  • The President & General Secretary thanked all the members of Executive Committee for their presence & participation and meeting ended in pleasant atmosphere.