• Second meeting of Executive Committee of Pakistan Psychiatric Society (Tenure 2015-16) was held on 06-06-2015 in Khyber Medical College Peshawar on the occasion of National Symposium “Interface between Psychiatry and other Specialties”.
  • Meeting was chaired by Dr Syed Mohammed Sultan, President PPS and was co-ordinated by Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, General Secretary PPS.
  • Following members attended the meeting :

Dr Syed Mohammed Sultan, Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Dr Moin Ansari, Dr Naeemullh Laghari, Dr Ghulam Rasool, Dr Iftikhar Minhas, Dr Bashir Ahmad and Dr Muhammad Irfan.

Dr Nasar Sayeed, Dr Rizwan Taj, Dr Niaz Maqsood and Dr Sohail Ahmed sent the regrets for not coming.

Other absentees were Dr Mazhar Malik, Dr Ayesha Rashid, Dr Inam Shabbir, Dr Manoharlal Kalra, Dr Khalid Mehmood, Dr Darya Khan Laghari and Dr Ajmal Kazmi

  • Meeting started with recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Dr Bashir Ahmad.
  • Fateha khawani for the departed soul of Prof Naveed Irfan was performed. The participants expressed their grief and sorrow over his demise. Dr SM Sultan commented that PPS will send a letter to his family, acknowledging his services in Psychiatry. Dr. Imtiaz Dogar expressed that JPPS will publish an Obituary in the coming issue. In this context, it was decided that special session(s) for departed souls of Icons in Psychiatry will be held in the coming National Psychiatric Conference.
  • Minutes of the meeting of the last executive committee meeting were read by General Secretary and approved by Committee members. Regarding the last meeting minutes, it was decided that a reminder will be sent to PPS provincial office bearers to check for the updated information regarding the details of PPS members from their respective provinces. Dr. Muhammad Irfan updated the EC about the ongoing process of the development of information leaflets in Urdu and shared the leaflet on Depression. Dr. Moin explained the efforts regarding curriculum development and assessment of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences at the undergraduate level. In this context, Dr SM Sultan and Dr Bashir Ahmad explained the progress at Khyber Medical University. Dr SM Sultan was requested to write a letter to Private Medical Colleges for creation of Posts for Psychiatrists and then hiring qualified Psychiatrist for the post. Dr. Moin Ansari was reminded to provide link of mhGAP for PPS website to Dr Sohail for uploading. Dr Iftikhar Minhas updated on Punjab’s mental health act. Dr Ghulam Rasool informed about the involvement of PPS and its officials in the trauma authority, now. It was emphasized that liaison with overseas psychiatric organizations of Pakistanis like APPNA, BPPA and others should be dealt proactively. Dr Imtiaz Dogar informed that he will take up the matter at the coming RCPsych Annual Meeting in Birmingham with BPPA representatives. Dr Moin Ansari informed about another influential society, “UK Brain Trust” and suggested to contact them through Dr Raza Rehman.
  • Regarding CME/PM&DC issue, Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar informed that although approval has been received for current activities but in future, a University name should be added for awarding CME credits.
  • In the discussion on PPS Guidelines, Dr SM Sultan updated about progress in Schizophrenia guidelines. A reminder will be sent to all involved for speeding up their work. GS will coordinate with them.
  • Constitution Amendments were approved and it was decided to Email it to all PPS members. If after one week no objection/ suggestions received, print it as such.
  • Regarding PPS National Conference in Multan, Dr Imtiaz Dagar will facilitate in writing the letters to pharmaceuticals on PPS letterhead. Dr Naeem Leghari was advised to manage the NTN issue, personally. In this context, Dr Moin Ansari and Dr Raza-ur-Rehman are requested to update and follow up on PPS registration and NTN certificate. Dr SM Sultan to contact Dr Jamil Hussain for the original registration letter, if needed.
  • Regarding upcoming SAARC conference, Dr SM Sultan briefed the EC that it will be held between 6 – 8 March in Islamabad.
  • Regarding upcoming International PPS conference in November 2016,Dr Ghulam Rasool updated the EC.
  • A supplement of Karachi Conference abstracts will be published with next issue of JPPS. Dr Imtiaz Dogar requested the EC members to provide support for acquiring advertisements as JPPS will now be published quarterly.
  • In response to the query regarding associate Membership of PPS, EC advised the GS to check the criteria in Constitution.
  • Four new applications for membership of PPS were presented by General Secretary and were approved by cabinet members.
  • Mansoor Mustafa P-174
  • Zufliqar Ali S-121
  • Kishore Kumar S-122
  • Akbar Khan K-52
  • Letter from Dr Wajid Akhunzada for conducting a Conference was discussed. Dr Naeem Leghari expressed his reservations on the use of the word Conference for it and explained that only National and International Annual conferences organized by PPS are eligible to be called as Conferences. EC authorized the GS to write a soft letter to Dr Wajid informing him that as a routine practice in the past, all such applications were considered during EC meeting held at National/International Conference in December. Therefore, this issue will also be discussed in the upcoming EC meeting at the National Conference in Multan.
  • For the next Agenda, Dr Ghulam Rasool suggested that we should discuss the worsening of Psychiatrist / Population ratio.
  • Imtiaz Dogar requested for the reimbursement of PKR 50000/- which he has paid to PM&DC for PPS registration as a CME awarding Society.
  • Dr Ghulam Rasool appreciated the efforts of Dr SM Sultan for holding the symposium in a public medical college.
  • The President and General Secretary thanked all the Cabinet members for their participation in this meeting.